The Sunshine Coast Pride Committee is a group of five volunteers who have undertaken the planning and fundraising to produce a week of Pride events. With the goals of ensuring a sustainable, visible and supportive Pride presence, as well as a legacy for queer youth, the dance has evolved into more than a week of arts and cultural events. The committee collaborates with other queer-event producers to present Sunshine Coast Pride as a unified festival. If you have time, talents or treasures to contribute to Pride on the Sunshine Coast, please contact


LGBT Community on the Coast

Sappho’s Circle is a group of lesbian, bisexual and queer-identified women who meet regularly throughout the year. Meetings are held in different locations between Gibsons & Sechelt, and can vary from moderated discussion groups to talent nights/share your passion, Trivia or games nights, potlucks (ah, the ubiquitous potluck!), or outdoor barbecues. This group is invitation by application via a mailing list, and it generally helps to know someone in the community who is a part of the group. This group is not public so as to protect the safe and nurturing community of women. This group is neither a formal organization nor a not-for-profit entity. If you are interested in learning more about this group, please write Sunshine Coast Pride Committee and we’ll connect you with who you need to talk with.

Sunshine Coast Gay & Lesbian Association has been active on the Sunshine Coast since 1992. In 1999 it went from a snail-mail/telephone-tree group to a group on the Internet. It is accessed via a Yahoo Group at This is a totally co-ed list, and the boyz are active on it. It’s great way to connect with the community on the Coast. Are you looking to connect with other LGBT parents raising young children on the Sunshine Coast? Are you looking for the queer arts crowd? Seeking a queer photographer for your wedding? We’re all out there!